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VIS Update

2 February 2015

Dear VIS Community,

In keeping with my pledge to update you on our VIS strategic progress through short but frequent communications, I am writing to highlight our strategic goal to upgrade our libraries to better support enquiry and student centered learning.  To that end we have:

  1. Employed Ms Jess Droscher as a full time ES librarian, IT teacher and IPC Coordinator.  This new position has created more meaningful ES student library experiences, and has allowed Ms Veronica Calleja to focus her efforts on supporting MS and HS students.
  2. Purchased attractive, colorful and “student friendly” furnishings for the ES library.  Please see the attached photos.  The children love the change!
  3. Trained all ES teachers in the use of the upgraded online Britannica research program to be used by teachers and students in their IPC units.
  4. Renovated and painted the MS/HS library in the Fort.  New and comfortable chairs have arrived, new tables have been made by our maintenance staff, and lap top “counter” spaces are being built around the columns creating comfortable and convenient student work spaces.  We will be able to provide photos upon completion. 
  5. The online research program ProQuest has been purchased, and teachers have received initial training on its use.  Students now have access to literally hundreds of thousands of vetted and peer reviewed research articles to aid them in doing legitimate, university level research.

Thank you for your support!

Mr Crawford