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Mr Edgar Preca Visits Verdala

On Friday 4 December, Mr Edgar Preca, husband of Malta President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, visited Verdala International School to speak with middle and high school students to promote the national holiday season drive to raise money for the Community Chest Piggy Bank Campaign. 

Student Council President Y.J. Heo and Vice President Nick Dergtcheff escorted Mr Preca to the gym where he was greeted by the Maltese National Anthem. He then spoke to the students about the need and the responsibility to support those less fortunate than ourselves, especially during the Holiday Season.

Maltese singing sensation Ira Losca accompanied Mr Preca on this visit, and performed a song from her latest album. In addition, the entire Middle School, under the direction of Ms Binda and Ms DeGiorgio, performed two musical numbers.

Following the assembly, Mr and Mrs Crawford and Mr Camilleri visited with Mr Preca in Mr Crawford’s office. Mr Preca related that he greatly enjoyed his visit to Verdala and had great appreciation and respect for the diversity of our study body.