• HS -IT

Information Technology


Technology is seamlessly integrated across all aspects of our daily lives

  • Technology is woven into the fabric of our organisation through a collaborative culture, approaches to teaching and learning, and our professional and parental community.

  • We are open-minded to the evolving, varied nature of technology and the potential it provides for self-directed and responsible choices.

  • We provide space and opportunities for everyone to be innovative and incorporate technology into all aspects of school life.


In line with our IT Vision, technology is an integral part of teaching and learning in the High School. We operate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, and students are expected to have a working laptop with them in all lessons. This ensures that learning can take advantage of the opportunities presented by access to technology on a regular basis, whether for the production of documents or multimedia, or to conduct research or access resources via the internet.

VIS is quickly becoming a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) School, with teaching and learning making increasingly frequent use of a range of Google Apps including Gmail, Google Classroom, desktop publishing, YouTube, and various other services. Other commonly used resources are ManageBac (our student information management system) and a range of online textbooks and study sites for each subject area. Wifi is available in all areas.

For guidance regarding device specifications, software, and FAQs, please see our BYOD Guide.