• MS - IT

Library and Information Technology


Technology is seamlessly integrated across all aspects of our daily lives

  • Technology is woven into the fabric of our organisation through a collaborative culture, approaches to teaching and learning, and our professional and parental community.

  • We are open-minded to the evolving, varied nature of technology and the potential it provides for self-directed and responsible choices.

  • We provide space and opportunities for everyone to be innovative and incorporate technology into all aspects of school life.


Each classroom is equipped with an internet-linked computer and projector. The whole building is also equipped with a wifi signal, facilitating the student’s use of personal technology in each and every classroom.

The Middle School also has its own dedicated Computer Lab. The IT programme compliments the other subjects, and it exposes students to areas of knowledge that range from the use of basic software programmes to coding. In addition Middle School students regularly visit the library. As a school, we promote the love of reading. ‘Drop Everything And Read’ is now part of the Middle School’s programme that happens once a week. In addition, the library is still considered as a centre for research. Our librarian works with subject teachers by assisting students during research sessions when gathering information about the IMYC units.